Kichui keno lagche na bhalo

Dure jeno shuni na shei hashi

Shei porichito shur

Ja shune neche uthto praan

Porichito shei taan jeno achena aaj

Kobe eto boro holaam

Je ma’r achol eo aar lukote pari na

Baba’r shei sneher alingon

She shober theke kato dure ami

Chaileo chute jete pari na

Tader kache jader jonye kede othe mor pran

Chokher pashe asru r dharay

Bohe chole amar bhalobasha

Haste cheyechilaam

Cheyechilaam neel akashe urte

Cheyechilaam tader shakol swapno shotti korte

Roj shokale tader hashi mukh dekhe

Beroi natun uddesher shondhane

Diner sheshe sranto hoye ghore phire

Dekhe tader chobi

Hashir anuprerona khuji

Buker bhetorta hai

Shunyo hoye jay

Hajaar khujeo pai na shei porichito shukh…



I was but a lonely soul
Longing for love in the distant lands

Far away from the land and people
That constitute my home

You came into my life
Like a knight in shining armor
Fighting the demons of loneliness and sorrow
You brought with you the gift of love
And promises of a glorious future
Where dreams came true
All I had to do
Was take your hand
I was scared to proceed

But you assured me
Every time I felt lonely

You were always there for me
Those were the days

When you had all the time
I felt like a princess

Sitting like royalty
On your throne of love

Looking at your smiling face
Every time I needed assurance
I could never thank you enough

For all that you bestowed on me
Now as times have changed

I look back at those glorious days
Every moment seems so perfect

Carved in my heart on gold
Every small memory
That made me smile

Now bring tears
Memories of moments

Spent in your arms
Dreaming of a great future

The promises hang in the air
The plans are where they were

But fear has taken over optimism
The facade of perfection is gone
Every time you look at me

You no longer see my smile
Or the eyes that crave your attention

The ears that strain to hear
Some kind words from you

All you see are vices
Vices that I knew not existed
I feel scared of the future

And I withdraw every time
My confidence is deserting me

I am scared of the public eye…….

Why did it happen

As the days pass by
It seems like the blooming spring of our sweet love
Has transitioned into the bare leafless winter.
I look around and all seems grey
No birds that sing
No squirrels that play
I stand all alone
Waiting for a call that never comes
The joyous conversations
Have been replaced by uncomfortable silence
The music of the heart
Is heard no more
The time you gave me
Is now devoted to another
The smiles that were frequent
Are rare somehow
The tender moments I was proud of
Are mine no more
When did it all change
I wish I knew
How did we move so far apart
Suddenly I looked around me
And you were not there
Solitude is all I had
Why did it happen
When we were meant to be together
A question my heart repeatedly asks
The answer no longer matters
The decision is made
And you are mine no more


All of today I waited

Glancing at the watch every minute

It’s the day for him to finally arrive

The anticipation is killing me softly

Patience is running out fast

The sites we shall see together

The jokes we shall share

The games we shall play together

The thoughts we shall bare

The probable thrill excites me

It makes my spirits soar

Finally I can show him

A glimpse of the world that’s home

Finally he can see me

Right where I belong

My eyes see not the words

In the book I try to read

I cannot for a moment

Be silent and still

Butterflies are flying in my stomach

A smile lights up my face

As I wait for him in silence

While glancing at the watch

Which seems to be in no hurry

Every minute seems slow

If I were to die today

I’d die a happy soul

I have lived more than yesterday

And I could not ask for more

If you’re there to hold my hand

I would smile back and say

Thank you for what you’ve done

Thank you for showing smiles my way

If I were to die alone

I’d say a silent prayer

I’d wish all those who love me

Remember me as they smile

They think of me as the one who loved

The one who inspired a smile

Sharadin tomay bhebe

Sharadin kaajer ph(n)ake

Bhaabi aaj bolbo tomay

Kato je bhalobashi

Ami je shudhu tomay

Bhebe bhebe kaate je din

Bhaabi kakhon shondhe hobe

Jakhon ami tomaar shonge

Bolbo kato  moner kotha

Shunbo shei tomaar haashi

Ja shune amar mon bhuleche

Gaibo shei priyo gaan

Je  gaan’e shukh khuje pai

Naachbo taar i taale

Karon mon khushi je aaj

Shoiche na aar je deri

Dekhi khaali ghorir ka(n)ta

Bolbo ami tomay aaji

Kato je bhalobashi……


Silence my dear old friend

Even though I forget you now and then

I have to come back to you now and again

I look for solace

In your kind embrace

Every moment that I am in pain

I come looking for you again and again

You are there for me every time

And calling on you never seems like a crime

You are never too busy

And greet me with a smile

And with you hand in hand

I can walk mile after mile

Your are my very best friend, and these days

Friends of your kind

Are very hard to find

In moments when I am lonely and sad

And everything around seems so very bad

You just stand there by my side

Lending me your shoulder in moments when I cried

Thank you for every thing my dear friend

Thank you for every thing till the very end!!!!